Wellness Living UX/UI Support

Experience seamless booking and enhanced user engagement with Wellness Living's innovative software solutions, developed in collaboration with Interpix Design to optimize UX/UI for over 20 million users in the health and wellness industry.

Wellness Living Offerings

Wellness Living, a thriving platform with over 20 million users, offers a diverse range of products, including Presence, their website builder, FitBuilder for fitness companies, and Explorer, their innovative marketplace, among others. These products are add-ons to their main software which supports health and wellness companies manage all aspects of their business.


Acknowledging the need for enhancement in user experience, Wellness Living partnered with Interpix Design. Their primary focus? To elevate the usability of critical features on their main platforms, the staff web app, and the client web app. This partnership aimed to not only stimulate new business prospects but also to ensure a seamless experience for end-users, particularly when it came to tasks like booking classes.

Part Of The Team

Working with Wellness Living was multi-faceted. There were various areas within their many products that needed UX direction. These ranged from minor page enhancements all the way to product creation. To manage these various tasks, Interpix worked within Wellness Living’s project management software, JIRA, to integrate with their current systems and manage the day-to-day communication effectively.

This led to a smooth transfer of knowledge and allowed Interpix to efficiently complete projects on a wide variety of complex platforms. For each individual project, the process consisted of first understanding the specific environment we were working within. What was the product and what were the key flows that related to the specific task. From there, we would follow our signature high-level architecture (HLA) process, in a condensed manner, to ensure we delivered excellent results in a short amount of time. By integrating with the tools and systems Wellness Living currently worked within, we were able to be an extension of their team, helping them create better experiences for their customers.

Simply Useful Outcomes

Interpix used their UX expertise and leadership to implement design consistency throughout the ecosystem. As Wellness Living is continuing to grow and extend their offerings within the software, design focus was put on individual features and functions, rather than looking at the experience at a higher level. Interpix recognized this gap within the experience and assisted their team in prioritizing user-centricity. Interpix Design helped ensure that users were at the forefront of the designs and workflows, by testing with real users, ultimately creating highly user-friendly products. With all of that in mind, Interpix also worked to adapt their approach to fit seamlessly within Wellness Living's existing framework, leveraging Sketch as their primary tool.

One pivotal challenge addressed was the issue of inconsistent designs stemming from various teams working on different elements of the products. To rectify this, Interpix Design developed design systems that unified all teams, ensuring consistent and harmonious designs throughout Wellness Living's digital products. This step was integral in establishing a cohesive and coherent digital presence across all platforms.

Improving The Booking Flow

Another key area Wellness Living looking to improve was with their booking flow. Recognizing the importance of a seamless booking experience for clients, they embarked on a mission to create an adaptable and efficient booking flow, catering to a diverse array of industries, from spa appointments to workout classes. The existing booking process was extensive, with many points of friction, likely leading to confusion and inconsistency among clients. Wellness Living asked Interpix to help improve the overall experience of the booking flow across all types, including appointments, events and classes.

In response to these challenges, Interpix Design undertook an evolutionary transformation of the booking flow. The first step involved streamlining the workflow to a mere two steps, irrespective of the booking type. This dramatic reduction in steps played a pivotal role in rendering the workflow more user-friendly and consistent in appearance and behavior. Furthermore, Interpix Design emphasized the presentation of key information throughout the process, optimizing it for easy comprehension. The introduction of an effortless payment process at the end of the flow further streamlined the experience.

The results of these changes were evident. Through extensive UX audits, user testing and stakeholder interviews, Interpix Design garnered direct feedback from users, demonstrating that the refined booking flow, as well as other usability issues addressed, significantly enhanced the overall user experience. Users found it more straightforward to navigate the booking process without any uncertainties, thanks to the consistent approach applied to all booking types. This not only ensured happier customers but also instilled confidence in clients to book multiple meetings, ultimately fostering a more robust and user-friendly platform that catered to the needs of a diverse client base.

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