Health & Wellness

Wellness Living: UX/UI Support for
Seamless Bookings

Interpix delivered enhanced user engagement to more than 20 million users through Wellness Living’s innovative health and wellness software.

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Wellness Living


Health & Wellness


12 Months


Wellness Living is a leading platform in the health and wellness industry, offering innovative solutions like Presence, FitBuilder, and Explorer, designed to help businesses manage their operations seamlessly.


Working as an extension of the Wellness Living team, Interpix studied various aspects of UX across multiple products. We immersed ourselves in the Wellness Living ecosystem, adopting their tools and methodologies.


Our goal was to resolve the inconsistent user interface caused by diverse teams working independently, and to refine the booking process that was crucial for client satisfaction.


Interpix crafted a unified design system and reengineered the booking flow into a simplified, two-step process. By placing users at the core of our design philosophy and performing focused UX audits, we delivered a coherent, streamlined platform. The seamless booking flow led to increased client confidence and repeat bookings, reinforcing Wellness Living's market position.

"Their expert UX direction brought high-level experiences and streamlined complex task flows, ensuring user satisfaction at every turn."