Brand and Design System Development

Dye & Durham updated their corporate brand and approached Interpix to extend the new branding into their various products, including both legacy and updated cloud software.


Dye & Durham, one of the world's largest providers of cloud-based legal practice management software, engaged with Interpix Design to extend their branding into a global product design system. This solution would allow Dye & Durham to have consistency across all of their products. This is significant because Dye & Durham has over 60,000 clients working on their software, which could allow for clients to use multiple different products with the correct and consistent branding across all.


Interpix Design provided a solution that not only met immediate needs but also set the stage for long-term scalability and consistency across all products. Dye & Durham’s software now boasts a modern and user-friendly UI while maintaining a strong brand identity.

Simply Useful Outcomes

Dye & Durham has a well-established brand with multiple products in the legal practice management space. Although their products are very functional, they each had their own branding or old branding that needed to be updated with the latest updates that we made globally for Dye & Durham’s look and feel.

In addition, the look and feel was outdated, inconsistent and not aligned with their brand identity. Interpix worked with Dye & Durham to give 15 of their more outdated products a modern look and feel. How did we do this? We started with developing key templates that contained unique UI elements for each product using our expertise in design systems and UI design. From there, we took an iterative approach by gaining feedback on our designs to ensure they aligned with the between the software and Dye & Durham’s global brand identity.

To save time and money on this project, we began with the most complex products. This allowed us to get the UI right for the products in most need so that we could leverage the UI for products that didn’t need as much of a lift to develop.

In the above examples, we took a more complex page from one of D&D’s products, eStrataHub, and updated it to a more modern and user-friendly look and feel.

Once the templates had been completed, we proceeded with both front-end and back-end development of various product pages. This allowed for immediate action to take place and for internal teams to understand how to apply the updates on the new templates, ultimately allowing for long-term progress to be made.

To finalize the brand extension, we developed a design system. This design system would allow Dye & Durham to allow for consistency moving forward. Any new products or pages would have clear guidelines in terms of the UI design to follow. The system included guidelines for typography, color, iconography, button styles, and page responsiveness, ultimately allowing Dye & Durham to feel confident with any new products they develop in the future.

In the above examples, we took a more complex page from one of D&D’s products, eStrataHub, and updated it to a more modern and user-friendly look and feel.

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