UX Expert Review

Thinking about a redesign? Are users struggling with your digital product? Let’s get started with an UX Expert Review.

A UX Expert Review is used to identify the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) issues and opportunities of digital products. At Interpix Design we can review multiple types of experiences including enterprise applications, websites and mobile applications. From well-established software to prototypes, UX Expert Reviews can be completed at any stage of development.

Interpix Design Approach

To start, we will meet with the project stakeholders and experts to learn about the product or software, the personas, current issues, and goals to get a deeper understanding before conducting the review. At Interpix Design, we use our industry knowledge and 25 years of experience combined with evaluation against usability principles to provide a holistic, in-depth review of key task flows and screens. We provide design recommendations as part of the final deliverable to help give the team actionable insights and plan next-steps.

The Benefits

  • Increase engagement for both new and existing users
  • Get a fresh perspective
  • Receive actionable recommendations for both short-term and long-term solutions for improving the UX of your digital product
  • Roadmap creation for a redesign and prioritization of improvements