eCheck Select Design Refresh

Mazooma approached Interpix Design to evaluate and redesign the mobile experience of their online gambling payment processing flow.

Payments Made Easy

In a dynamic partnership, Mazooma, formerly Paramount Commerce, joined forces with Interpix Design to undertake a transformative project – the eCheck Select Design Refresh. This project aimed to revolutionize the mobile experience of the eCheck Select payment flow, tailored for users engaging in sports betting and online gaming. The challenge was to make money transfers quick and secure, and after rigorous stakeholder and user interviews, the path forward became clear.

Simply Useful Outcomes

The eCheck Select offering had one major flaw with users of online gambling platforms like DraftKings, the brand name was not recognizable and often skipped over. This was a key challenge that had to be overcome to get users in the payments processing flow. In conducting research, two key features were found to greatly impact customers’ understanding of what eCheck Select was.

The first area was in changing the display name they saw. Instead of only having the “eCheck Select” logo, Interpix added “Online Banking” so that customers understood what they could do by selecting that option. In addition to that, when users clicked into the eCheck Select flow, they were immediately given a screen that briefly explained what eCheck Select was and how they could add funds to their accounts through the platform. These updates, while simple, greatly improved customers’ understanding of what eCheck Select was to get them into the payments processing flow.

Now that users were entering the flow, there was another issue that had to be resolved: adding funds through eCheck Select was confusing for users and the overarching design looked unprofessional and insecure.

Looking at improving the usability of the platform, two features were added. The first feature was the ability for users to enter their bank information directly if they couldn’t go through one of the many banks eCheck Select offered. This allowed all users to add funds to their accounts whether they used an unlisted bank or were having trouble with their bank’s system on the platform. The second feature was simplifying the flow by having less screens and steps to go through to be able to add funds to their accounts. Both solutions allowed customers to use the platform and add funds to their accounts quickly and easily.

The next area of focus was the look and feel of the platform. The goal was to provide more assurance of the security of eCheck Select as users require a highly secure platform when processing any payments. To do this, not only did Interpix fix basic UX design issues on the platform, but there was also the addition of an adaptable design. What this meant was no matter what bank a customer chose to use, the colours would adapt to the bank’s brand colours to make it feel like you were on their platforms. This allowed for a seamless user experience that performed well in user testing.

Measuring Success

Given the industry is highly competitive, the design had to make a good first impression, be easy to understand and easy to use. The new designs implemented immediately resonated with customers. They quickly understood what eCheck Select is and how to use it. In addition to that, they were able to flow through the payments processing flow seamlessly, no matter how they wanted to add funds through their account. This resulted in an experience that keeps customers coming back to use eCheck Select on all their online gambling and sports betting platforms.

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