Change Management

At Interpix Design, we understand that successful digital transformations are not just about technology; they're about people. Our Change Management services are designed to empower organizations to navigate transitions smoothly, ensuring adoption, engagement, and ultimately, success. With a blend of UX/UI expertise and change leadership, we facilitate seamless transitions.

From Agile Change Management to Prosci's ADKAR model, we tailor our approach to suit the unique needs of each organization, ensuring effective change adoption and sustained success. Our tailored approach combines innovative technology that is customized for each project and expert UX guidance to ensure a seamless transition for your organization.

Interpix Design's Change Management Solution

In addition to our consulting services, we proudly offer a cutting-edge software solution custom-built to facilitate large-scale transformations for organizations like CIBC.

The solution is a turnkey SAAS platform designed to move people effortlessly through digital transformations of any size. Beautifully crafted by usability experts, it solves the challenge of change adoption at scale by providing personalized experiences and comprehensive support throughout the transition process.

Our software has been instrumental in facilitating major transitions for leading organizations, including:

  • CIBC: Our software assisted CIBC in consolidating multiple buildings into one, equipped with new technology and workspaces. We provided Change Management support to help employees adapt to the new environment seamlessly.
  • DoProcess: With our software, we facilitated the migration of over 10,000 users from Unity, a legacy software product, to a cloud-based solution. Our Change Management solution ensured a smooth transition and maximized user adoption.

Partner with Interpix Design for Seamless Transitions

If your business is facing the challenge of digital transformation, Interpix Design is here to help. Our integrated approach combines Change Management expertise, UX/UI design principles, and a powerful software solution to support organizations like yours in achieving seamless transitions and exceptional user experiences.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your transformation journey.