Nobody Likes Change.
We Solve That.

camberX is a digital adoption platform (DAP) that moves people effortlessly through transformations of any size. Beautifully designed by usability experts, it solves the problem of change adoption at scale.

camberX Makes Big Changes Possible

People are wired to resist change and keeping a complex transformation on the rails is tough. camberX reframes how people experience change. It makes them a willing participant of any process and keeps everything moving forward.

Moving People Moving People
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I had 15,000 users that had to do 8,000 tasks over 10 waves - we couldn't have done it without camberX
Change Management Client at a Major Canadian Bank

You Have A Plan. camberX Makes It Happen.

As a change management professional, you know how complex enterprise change initiatives can be. It's your job to map out how transformations happen - and you've got a solid plan.

But everyone is busy and has their own work to do. How do you motivate people to action, keep them on the right path, and measure success?

Making People Part of the Process

  • The "people" side of digital transformations isn't adequately enabled.
  • Spreadsheets and planning tools are only half the story. People expect crystal clear communication on what they need to do - and a simple way to do it.
  • camberX bridges the gap between complex plans and moving people to measurable action.

How camberX Puts Change Into Action

Crystal clear communication at every step.

Email, SMS, at their desk or on the go, camberX engages users wherever they are and guides them cleanly through any process.

Intuitive, personalized, plans for action.

Checklists, reminders, countdowns and completed task tracking made easy and approachable ensures your plan is implemented to the “T”.

See it all happen live, optimize where needed.

Take the mystery out of how you are tracking towards completion. Drill down where you need to. Optimize, prompt and re-engage where you need to. Get it done.

Let camberX Make Your Change Project Happen.
The Bigger The Better.