User Interface Design

We provide you with user-centered design guidelines for creating a high impact interface for your organization.

A User Interface (UI) Standard is not just a document, it’s a customized process that incorporates your needs and goals into the process and allows you to adapt and extend your UI guidelines and standards over time.

The Interpix Approach

  • Collaborate with key members of the project team to define the goals and scope of the user interface standards
  • Review your major business applications and extract examples into a draft, which is used as a discussion point with your team
  • Use an iterative process that takes feedback from as wide an audience as is appropriate
  • Review and refine the standard with your team and stakeholders in a consensus building process


  • Less time spent evaluating design alternatives
  • Share system modules more easily and effectively
  • Reduced costs and effort for system maintenance, support, user training packages and job aids
  • Provide customers with a consistent UI within and between applications to reduce time per transaction, errors, training requirements, frustration