Interpix Design partnered with the Real Estate Industry Operating System (RIOS) to support with their brand extension and website redesign. The project had tight timelines and focused specifically on their Assignments processing platform.


RIOS sought Interpix Design's expertise for a comprehensive branding and website redesign for their overarching brand as well as their new assignments platform. We were able to deliver all of the assets, including marketing collateral for the trade show, within the set timeline of 2 months preparing RIOS for a great event and future.

Breakdown of the Key Steps

Understanding: The team began with comprehensive discovery calls, workshops, and other sessions with all the key stakeholders at RIOS to learn more about the industry and the specific problem this new platform looks to solve. From there, the team worked to better understand their current branding strategy to be able to provide well-informed solutions.

Brand Architecture: The first area we looked to solve was the brand architecture for RIOS. With the goal of potentially launching different software solutions in the future, we took a family of brands approach, all hosted under the RIOS name.

Visual Identity: RIOS already had a name and logo prior to working with Interpix, but looked for us to aid in the naming and logo design of their assignments platform. After our in-depth discussions with the team, we presented a variety of different branding options, brand names, tag lines, and more. After these discussions we chose the name Assignmate with a simplistic, yet malleable logo design.

Website Redesign: Interpix Design then proceeded to redesign RIOS' website, with the inclusion of marketing pages for the Assignmate platform. The goal was to express the value of RIOS and Assignmate to each of the different personas that would benefit from the platform and aligning the design with their new visual identity.

Quick Turnaround: Despite the project's complexity, Interpix Design was able to deliver within the tight timeline, ensuring RIOS was ready for Realtor Quest.


Interpix Design's collaboration with RIOS resulted in a successful transformation of their brand and website, particularly with their assignments processing platform, Assignmate. The project showcased Interpix Design's ability to deliver high-quality results under tight deadlines, ultimately enhancing RIOS' digital presence and preparing their brand for Realtor Quest and the future.

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