UX / Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping a customer’s journey through your website, app or digital product is an important part of designing easy-to-use experiences that deliver value. By mapping out each touchpoint and interaction, we can identify pain points, opportunities, and emotional states of customers throughout their journey. This helps in crafting more customer-centric solutions, enhancing satisfaction, and increasing engagement.

Customer Journey
Identify Opportunities
Understand User Goals

What You Get

  • A visual narrative outlining the journey your customers follow to help better understand where they might need more support
  • Gap and opportunity discovery based on the actual touchpoints and journey your customers follow
  • Actionable recommendations to increase your conversions at various stages of the customer journey

The Interpix Design Approach

  • Utilizing existing data, we conduct an internal investigation to understand the behaviours of your customers
  • Based on this research, we develop theories around the current journey your customers follow
  • Once the theories have been developed, we collect new user data to test the hypothesis journey map
  • Combining the existing and new data analyzed, we develop a visual narrative of the customer journey along with key insights and recommendations at various stages of the journey

Journey Mapping Case Studies

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