User Experience and Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping a customer’s “journey” through your website, app or digital product is an important part of designing easy-to-use experiences that deliver value. Visualizing how your customer uses your product helps identify gaps and “pain points”–letting us uncover opportunities to enhance the customer experience (CX).

At Interpix we leverage our extensive customer research experience to gather qualitative insights that documents the full story of what your customer experiences. Knowing where and when they get frustrated (for example moving between different devices or channels) allows us to deliver effective design solutions.

The Benefits of Journey Mapping

  • An illustrated document is produced that can be shared throughout your organization and serves as a critical design reference
  • Puts your customer’s needs first, so design decisions deliver real benefits without “business bias”
  • Uncover gaps and opportunities to improve pain points
  • Increase on-site conversions with more targeted calls to action