Personas and Customer Profiles

Fictional characters based on real user data

Rather than attempting to design for your “average user”, personas allow you to picture different users and design for specific characters.

The Interpix Approach

We work with your team and customers to create an accurate full-bodied representation of your customers’ specific needs and goals. In creating personas we include demographic information as was well as the character’s motivation for using your product. It is important to keep the persona as real as possible, which is why we often also use a picture or photograph to visually anchor the character. In many cases we work to create a number of personas to represent the different users interacting with your product. The persona(s) go on to play an integral part in later usability testing: clients often find themselves asking questions such as “would Bob use this?” when implementing later design changes.


  • Personas lead to useful design insights that cannot be achieved through testing your “real” users
  • Designing personas helps to focus teams by building a common understanding of your customers’ needs and goals
  • Personas can be used to test, validate and prioritize software development at any stage throughout the re-design process
  • Fast and efficient testing method for improving the quality of your design