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Desktop to the Cloud: Digital Transformation Executed by camberX

DoProcess enlisted the help of Interpix when migrating over 10,000 customers to a new system.

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DoProcess’ The Conveyancer, the number one software application for real estate law offices in Canada moved to a cloud-based platform called Unity. DoProcess (acquired by Dye and Durham) approached us to help with their digital transformation of migrating their 10,000+ customers to the new system.


DoProcess' primary goals included raising national awareness of Unity and the transition process. They aimed to ensure a smooth transition for each customer from the old to the new platform. This involved getting them ready for the move, as well as supporting them during and after the transition. The objectives also included on motivating and incentivizing users to complete key, mandatory tasks, driving awareness and engagement with the migration process, and monitoring and tracking progress and engagement to optimize as needed. All communications were to be executed in the DoProcess brand voice.


Customers not only had to adapt to a new web-based system, but they also needed to learn the old product was getting a new name. Managing this shift involved over 8 to 24 targeted communications sent to customers in more than 60 overlapping waves. However, there was initially no strategy or methodology in place to handle the scale and complexity of the transition. This included managing customer readiness, various roles, and responsibilities associated with each role.


Interpix utilized its camberX platform to support the digital transformation. The camberX platform integrates several key features. A "smart checklist" strategy motivates users to complete a series of migration tasks, and as part of the journey, users can earn contest ballots to win prizes. It also supports automated delivery of communications based on predefined schedules and rules. The platform provides engagement monitoring and tracking for staff within a centralized system and offers the ability to personalize communications and checklists according to individual user needs. Additionally, the platform and its components can be customized for any migration.







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Migration emails were automated based on DoProcess's predefined schedule for each transition wave, with the option to adjust dates as necessary. Follow-up emails triggered automatically for conditions like non-engagement or incomplete tasks by a deadline, streamlining communication. Personalized for each user, company, and migration stage, communications and checklists facilitated tailored messaging, reduced redundancy, and effectively tracked engagement. Users accessed their personalized checklist on the WelcomeToUnity website via links in the communications, simplifying task completion.
Interpix blended strategic elements of the Unity awareness campaign, focusing on benefits, with DoProcess’s core brand messaging. The strategy highlighted Unity’s competitive advantages to encourage migration, addressed the problems Unity solves, and reinforced the DoProcess brand promise. It also aimed to refine the brand personality and foster growth within the DoProcess community. Implementation involved using positive, engaging, and personable copywriting and content across multiple channels—including email, blogs, websites, and social media—to deliver personalized, conversational messaging and share customer success stories.
The Smart Unity Migration Checklist, powered by camberX, streamlined the transition to Unity by dividing tasks into manageable steps. As the main hub for migration communications, it offered personalized progress summaries and links to the checklist on the "Welcome to Unity" website. This tailored checklist provided users with specific tasks, supportive content, and a countdown to the migration date. Users could complete tasks, earn ballots, and track their progress. With unique identifiers for each user, the interactive checklist facilitated a smooth journey by updating users on remaining tasks and encouraging completion. The checklist enhanced user experience, visualized tasks, and simplified the migration process.
DoProcess set a short-term goal to boost Unity awareness through their "Welcome to Unity" onboarding site. We recommended a contest where users engage with the site—reading content or watching videos—to answer questions and enter a draw. Interpix developed a quiz with one question per page to increase both Unity awareness and site traffic. Leveraging camberX’s integration capabilities, we seamlessly added this pre-awareness quiz as a task in communications and individual checklists, providing insights into customer engagement and identifying those needing further attention to ensure they were well-informed about Unity and their migration.
camberX’s migration portal provided the deployment team with comprehensive visibility and control over customer interactions before, during, and after the transition. It allowed DoProcess staff to monitor user engagement with emails and checklists, set communication dates, customize communications, and send follow-ups from a single system. Interpix used the portal to analyze the performance of each wave and make ongoing improvements, ensuring that DoProcess met its transition success metrics. The portal tracked pre-engagement, click-through rates, and task completion status.
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Measuring Success

Interpix used our user experience design skills as well as customized, powerful software to migrate all 10,000+ customers from The Conveyancer to Unity, exceeding the client's expectations.

  • Over 80% of customers were aware of Unity before their transition.
  • 95% of customers continued to perform transactions on the system.
"We couldn't have done it without camberX."