The Big Move

Interpix supported the largest migration of people ever by Canada's most trusted bank.

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Top Canadian Financial Institution



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45,000+ Employees

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Change Management


One of Canada’s “Big Five” banks decided to move over 18,000 employees to a new state-of-the-art building in downtown Toronto. They approached Interpix Design to craft an intuitive, personalized, highly secure experience to make this complex transformation happen. camberX was used from start to finish.


This big move had lots of variables. Over the span of two years employees from different departments and geographies needed to all move to a new building. To manage such a big change, managers would be required to send thousands of email communications and track each employee’s process. They had no automated end-to-end solution to manage communications or a real–time tracker to show how everything was coming together and moving along to completion. Additionally, with such a massive move there were lots of complex (and competing) roles and responsibilities, data viewing permissions and security details to manage.

The initial communication plan was created in Excel, and the staggering amount of data raised concerns about the change even being possible. And, if the change could be put into action, how would managers and senior leaders know who had completed what, if things were “working”, and who needed extra help?


camberX was purpose-built to effortlessly manage large, complex, multi-layered transformations. Using camberX, change managers could send and track the effectiveness of hundreds of thousands of communications. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of personalized, dynamic checklist tasks motivated employees to take action while maintaining momentum. Managers were able to visually monitor all employees' progress in real-time through an easy-to-use dashboard experience.







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Meeting the Challenge of Change

Our company met stringent bank-grade security requirements and passed an intensive software penetration test to ensure robust data protection. We leveraged active directory and single sign-on systems to keep all processes internal and secure, providing streamlined access while maintaining high security standards.
Interpix Design handled data securely, with no direct access to it; all data ingestion and reporting processes were encrypted. Data was anonymously passed back to the financial institution, enabling them to utilize this information for other initiatives.
The project was structured to ensure no additional dedicated change professionals were needed. Managers saw a dramatic decrease in the time spent managing individual employee transitions. We minimized disruptions to productivity, enabling employees to start seamlessly on day one. A comprehensive change program was rapidly implemented to explain the transition's purpose, highlight new benefits and features, and streamline the entire process for all involved.
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Dashboard Interface

Measuring Success

Interpix designed and implemented an end-to-end platform which was critical in managing and enhancing the employee experience of the migration journey. It also serves as a data engine that surfaces key insights to help fine-tune future communication.

To help organize the migration and increase ease of reporting, the employees were divided into different waves. The waves dictated the date and timing of the scheduled email communications that were to follow.

To communicate the benefits of moving offices, a virtual tour was created online through the “Boarding Pass” website. Here, employees could learn about the capabilities of the new workspace to get excited about the change and for overall awareness.

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As part of the virtual tour, we strategically created a ballot system tied to answers about what they read. For every correct answer, an employee would get another ballot ticket to enter in the draw for an iPad. This added feature of gamification created a buzz amongst employees who were already excited about moving offices. Now, they had the chance to be rewarded for simply answering questions. The anonymous data collected from the answers helped steer future communication efforts to optimize for areas with less comprehension.

The “Boarding Pass” website was created to include employee Smart Checklist progress, personalized move-related details and a countdown to their first day working in the new office. Single sign-in allowed for instant access to the website where they could mark tasks as complete (by checking the box) and outstanding to-do’s were clearly outlined.

We designed a centralized dashboard system for the financial institution leaders that would allow them to monitor engagement (individual, department, or overall), view checklist progress in real time, and send strategic push notifications to re-engage employees.