UnityPi Design and Development

Interpix was tasked with designing a mobile application from scratch, including UX/UI design, user testing, branding and development.


Dye and Durham, is Canada’s leading provider of automation and technology solutions for over 15,000 legal professionals. Unity is a cloud-based conveyancing software.

UnityPi is a companion mobile application exclusively for Unity customers. Focused towards real-estate lawyers, UnityPi helps users achieve work / life balance with on-the-go access to all the info needed to be productive outside the office.

Client Goals

  • Increase user base
  • Streamline key details and metrics for lawyers
  • Stay competitive as a business
  • Improving efficiencies and reducing costs for their customers

Our Approach

Extensive Research

Over the past 10 years, Interpix and Dye and Durham have conducted extensive research, usability interviews, surveys, etc., with Dye and Durham customers to understand their work environments, current product usage and future needs.

A consistent finding is that while law clerks use Unity as their primary work tool throughout the day, lawyers and notaries do not engage with the products in the same way. In fact, many lawyers only leverage the outputs of the product that is the generated documentation necessary for them an their clients to sign.

Unlocking the Data

A vast collection of practice insights are contained within Unity, inputted by clerks as they work-through matters. Before UnityPi, this data was only accessible through ad-hoc reports. UnityPi retrieves, summarizes and visualizes this data automatically for easy access and awareness of how individual law practices are performing.

Data-Driven Widgets “Info-Snacking”

UnityPi includes a dashboard of data-driven widgets, that allow users to see how their business is doing overall. From forecasting and planning for upcoming events to comparing the business year-over-year, UnityPi provides unique insights into roles, locations, and type of business. Insight into how the practice is performing as a whole, as well based on roles, locations, and type of business. Users can “snack” on the content while on-the-go, allowing them to make informed, data-driven decisions about their business.


UnityPi keeps track of matters on the go, in real time, with instant access critical client, contact, and matter information. It has been well-received by the user community and continues to be enhanced with each new release.

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