RCT Cloud: Developing Flexible High-Level Architecture

Interpix Design revolutionized RCT Cloud, enhancing efficiency and scalability for insurance solutions.

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Risk Control Technologies (RCT)




Risk Control Technologies, a leader in risk control solutions for North American insurance sectors, partnered with Interpix Design to enhance their RCT Cloud platform. Aimed at reducing claims and streamlining reporting, RCT sought to upgrade their software for greater market competitiveness and scalability.


Interpix Design was brought on to evolve RCT Cloud's architecture, ensuring the platform could meet diverse needs without sacrificing user productivity. The goal was to accommodate ongoing software enhancements and integrations seamlessly.


The primary challenge was devising an architecture for the highly customizable RCT Cloud that could support varied company sizes and use-cases. The new system also had to be flexible enough to incorporate future updates, including cutting-edge features like virtual surveying, without hindering user experience.


By conducting thorough research and usability testing, Interpix developed universal templates that elevated RCT Cloud's scalability and design consistency. These templates supported the integration of new features, minimized training requirements, and enhanced overall reporting efficiency, catering to users across the board.

Measuring Success

The implementation of new templates significantly improved RCT Cloud's usability and scalability, demonstrated by reduced training times and increased reporting efficiency. This adaptability has positioned RCT for future growth, allowing for easy integration of new features and ensuring a consistent user experience across various company sizes.

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