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Periscope Redesign: Simplifying Global Grocery Management

Interpix teamed with Invafresh to modernize their platform's key workflow, making it easy to adopt for new users.

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Retail Technology


8 Months


Invafresh, serving over 25,000 grocery stores across 15 countries, leverages its core platform, Periscope, to manage fresh food retail operations. From forecasting and sales to in-store recipe production, Periscope ensures stores can increase sales while reducing food waste.


Interpix Design was tasked with modernizing the UX/UI of Periscope to improve ease of use for new users while maintaining the platform's comprehensive functionality.


Periscope's extensive capabilities across merchandising, ordering, production planning, and food waste reduction posed a unique challenge. Interpix needed to harmonize these functionalities into a singular, cohesive user experience that catered to grocery stores of all sizes.


Through focused UX audits and user-centered design practices, Interpix introduced a streamlined experience tailored to the specific roles and tasks of its users. The new design featured a consolidated reports area for easy access, and a uniform strategy for navigating complex lists, forms, and dialogs. Simplification of pages to highlight essential workflows, coupled with strategic information layering on detail pages, significantly improved platform navigation and user adoption.

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Measuring Success

Interpix's redesign of Periscope delivered tangible results, with users praising the intuitive design and increased usability.

Key features:

  • Streamlined workflows: Pages were simplified to highlight essential tasks, easing navigation and boosting efficiency.
  • Consolidated reports: A unified approach to reporting decreased user friction and sped up access to key data.
  • Personalized experiences: Interpix empowered users to maximize their productivity and achieve their business objectives.
Product Theme
"Interpix's approach to understanding our users through extensive research and testing allowed them to tailor the interface to meet the diverse needs of our clientele."