Marketing and Support Cloud Redesign

Calix approached Interpix Design to redesign one of their core offerings, Calix Cloud. The Cloud consists of two systems, the Marketing cloud and the Support cloud.


Calix is a leading company in cloud and software platforms used by top service providers in North America.

Calix Marketing Cloud is a platform made for service providers with a purpose of gathering valuable insights to help segment and target subscribers in a meaningful way. Insights are intelligently derived from extensive data found on the platform about subscribers, including profiles, social media accounts, application usage, etc., with the goal of upselling and retaining customers.

Calix Support Cloud (CSC) is a platform focused on supporting, solving, and managing subscriber issues.

The Challenge

Calix had many goals in a short timeframe including making the Cloud easy to learn and help support user workflows to increase efficiency. They wanted to do all of this while applying a modern look and feel to impress potential providers.


Using UX design best practices with a 3-level framework, Interpix Design was able to flatten and prioritize the architecture of both platforms, all while hitting intense client deadlines. Connecting CSC and CMC together where relevant into one Cloud and using the same strategy and structure to provide a consistent user experience. Overall, Interpix Design helped strengthen the Calix Cloud story through the delivery of the new concepts, architecture, and a modern look and feel.

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