Software, Utility Management

CIS Infinity Cloud Upgrade: Elevating the Utility Management Experience

AUS engaged Interpix Design to improve the UX design of their software as they transitioned onto the Cloud.

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Advanced Utility Systems


Software, Utility Management


6 Months


Advanced Utility Systems (AUS), a leading utility service provider, developed a Customer Information System (CIS). This platform is a customer information and billing solutions software for in-person service representatives to manage customer accounts, payments, equipment, and much more.


AUS sought out Interpix Design’s expertise to redesign CIS before their transition from a legacy desktop software to the cloud.


The goal of the project was to have a system that was easy to use and supported key user tasks without extensive training. The ease of learning and using the platform was a clear issue that their customers consistently provided feedback on and was the clear focus in our review.


To better understand the customer, Interpix traveled across North America to observe users in their work environments, identifying their setup challenges and pain points with the platform. Through these interactions, we uncovered a common theme: although the system was powerful, its multitude of features was overwhelming. The platform offered a wide range of use cases, with each user finding value in a different area. While other issues were also identified and addressed, our main focus was on enhancing usability and introducing personalization.

From these findings, we implemented updates that significantly improved performance. We added a customizable dashboard with role-specific widgets, allowing users to access and perform tasks relevant to their duties. Additionally, we introduced a high-level summary visible on all accounts, simplifying data visualization and enabling users to tailor the dashboard to their needs.

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Measuring Success

The platform's flexibility enabled users to create custom dashboards tailored to their needs, while the inclusion of summary data provided a quick overview, saving time. This allowed customer service representatives (CSRs) to better control their experience, leading to greater user satisfaction.

Client Details
"Their ability to understand our needs and work within our complex systems was truly impressive."