Interpix Design Process

The Interpix High Level Architecture (HLA) process is performance based, highly iterative and provides actionable outcomes.

HLA Process


Whether it is designing a new product, website, or mobile app, the HLA process is like building a house - it starts with a solid foundation and a well-constructed framework. Architects create detailed blueprints that outline the structure, layout, and specifications of the house before starting the work. These blueprints are essential for guiding construction.

Our work at Interpix is similar, as we begin with research and understanding user needs, and defining the user journey. This forms the foundation for all subsequent design decisions. We create wireframes and prototypes that map out the structure and flow of the user interface. These act as guides for the development team to build the actual product.

Ultimately, both aim to create satisfying, enjoyable experiences whether it is for homeowners or target users.

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Understanding Product and Business Goals

Through our facilitated process, Interpix will quickly determine the idea and strategy for the redesign objectives.

  • Review documentation (e.g., goals, specs, branding, support)
  • Product demos, customer feedback, etc.
  • UX audit of current application to identify possible innovation points
  • Stakeholder sessions
  • Understand design/product context


UX Conceptual Modeling and Testing

Designing visualizations of the key task flows and corresponding low-fidelity wireframes for each persona type, followed by validating concepts with target users.

  • Create initial UX map and key task flows
  • Visualize initial low-fidelity wireframe concepts
  • Workshops to review initial wireframe concepts, map and task flows
  • Refine and extend wireframe concepts based on feedback
  • Usability testing preparation, recruit target personas, coordinate logistics, scheduling, etc.
  • Prepare and plan for interviews, create interview protocol, etc.
  • Create clickable “prototype”
  • Usability sessions (5 per persona)
  • Analyze feedback and create findings report
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UX Design

Finalize Concept

Through our facilitated process, Interpix will quickly determine the idea and strategy for the redesign objectives.

  • Extend and refine low-fidelity wireframe concepts
  • Update UX map and key task flows
  • Recruit target personas and coordinate usability sessions
  • Conduct usability testing sessions
  • Finalize wireframe concepts based on feedback

UI Design

Visualizing Comps

Leveraging existing brand guidelines, visual comps are created for key screens.

  • Accommodate unique requirements of the final conceptual model, including different UI states and/or breakpoints
  • Create initial visual design comps (two screens)
  • Workshop to review initial visual comps
  • Refine and extend to additional screens (approximately 10 screens total)
  • Workshop to review refined comps
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Delivering Seamless, High-quality Digital Products

Ensure your visual designs come to life with pixel-perfect precision.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Technology Assessment
  • Front-End, Back-End Development
  • Content Creation and Migration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Post-Launch Activities