The Modernization of Real Estate Tech

March 30th, 2024 - 10 min readArticle Cover

In the fast-paced world of real estate technology, a seamless user experience (UX) can make all the difference. Interpix Design stands at the forefront of this transformation, supporting the growth of the industry by modernizing technology and optimizing user experiences for leading companies such as Dye & Durham, Teranet, First National, and many others. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, Interpix has driven significant improvements in the real estate tech landscape.

The Proof

Article Example 01

UnityPi Design and Development

Interpix's collaboration with Dye & Durham led to the creation of UnityPi, a mobile application tailored for real estate lawyers seeking on-the-go productivity. By leveraging extensive research and user insights, Interpix unlocked the potential of Unity's data, providing users with easy access to critical information. Through intuitive data-driven widgets and streamlined interfaces, UnityPi has empowered lawyers to make informed decisions, boosting efficiency and enhancing user satisfaction.

Article Example 02

RIOS Assignmate™ Branding and Redesign

Partnering with the Real Estate Industry Operating System (RIOS), Interpix undertook a comprehensive branding and website design project for their assignments processing platform. Through meticulous understanding and strategic planning, Interpix revamped RIOS's brand architecture and visual identity. The result was a stronger brand presence and improved marketing. Despite tight timelines, Interpix delivered exceptional results, positioning RIOS for success in the competitive real estate market. We continue to work with RIOS to enhance their user experience of Assignmate™ and help them continue to see rapid growth.

Article Example 03

First National My Mortgage UX Audit and Redesign

First National Bank sought Interpix's expertise to enhance the user experience of their online refinancing flow, My Mortgage. Conducting a thorough UX audit, Interpix identified pain points and proposed strategic recommendations to streamline the refinance application process. By collaborating closely with mortgage specialists and implementing intuitive design elements, Interpix simplified navigation and reduced user errors. The result was a user-friendly interface with clear guidance, ultimately improving the overall refinancing experience for First National’s customers.

In the dynamic realm of real estate technology, a superior user experience is paramount for success. Interpix Design's track record of driving innovation and delivering value underscores its position as a leader in UX design. For real estate companies looking to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape, partnering with Interpix offers a strategic advantage. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a commitment to excellence, Interpix continues to shape the future of real estate technology through transformative UX design. Invest in your company's success—partner with Interpix Design today.

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