As we all should know, WCAG has become the international standard for web accessibility guidelines. Well… a new set of criteria has arrived! The candidate recommendation of WCAG 2.1 was released end of January 2018, and the final version is set to be out beginning of summer. All of the success criteria of WCAG 2.0 remain, with an additional set for 2.1.

Here is a breakdown of some of our favourite new additions:

1.4.10 Reflow
On a browser that is 1280px wide can be zoomed 400% without horizontal scrolling, which is equivalent to 320px wide. This criteria essentially means that your content needs to be responsive. This is a great example of how accessibility goes hand in hand with usability. Horizontal scrolling is a usability issue we have been seeing in user testing for the past 15 years!

1.4.11 Non-text contrast
Same colour contrast guidelines for large text will apply to non-text elements such as icons, infographics, etc., which means having at least a 4:5:1 ratio contrast between the foreground and background.

1.4.12 Text Spacing
Many might not realize but text spacing is an important aspect of your website’s usability. For users with low vision, small text spacing is difficult to read. This new guideline requires a minimum spacing between paragraphs, lines, words and letters.

2.5.1 Pointer Gestures
For functionality that use path-based gestures for operation such as swiping and pinch zooming, there has to be a single-point touch alternative for those interactions.

Visit W3C for the Full Candidate Recommendation

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