Let us introduce you to your customers.

Interpix can help align your business model with your customers’ expectations so that your product exceeds everyone’s needs. Interpix usability services - helping you connect the dots.



Fictional characters based on real user data.

Rather than attempting to design for your “average user”, personas allow you to picture different users and design for them.

The Interpix Approach

We work with your team and customers to create an accurate full-bodied representation of your customers’ specific needs and goals. In creating personas we include demographic information as was well as the character’s motivation for using your product. It is important to keep the persona as real as possible.


  • Personas lead to useful design insights that cannot be achieved through testing your “real” users
  • Designing personas helps to focus teams by building a common understanding of your customers’ needs and goals
  • Personas can be used to test, validate and prioritize software development at any stage throughout the re-design process

Stakeholder Interviews

We'd love to get to know you.

Stakeholder interviews gain important insights on business needs, the purpose of the system and it’s overall context of use, allowing us to uncover specific strategic goals and important issues, which then guide product development and user testing.

The Interpix Approach

We believe stakeholder interviews should be constructed with the aim of getting maximum return with minimal effort - on your part, that is. Ideally stakeholder interviews are conducted in person at your office, but they can also be performed over the telephone or via the web.


  • Key experts can share their vision, goals, and concerns for the project
  • All factors relating to the use of the system are identified before design work begins

User Interviews

Let’s talk with your customers.

User Interviews reveal exactly what your customers think about doing business with you. And if the truth hurts… Interpix can help you fix it.

The Interpix Approach

We have developed a casual and conversational style; your users are our guests. We lead the interview, while still maintaining a rapport with your user, listening carefully to their considered responses. In doing so, we are able to uncover the most important elements of a participant’s individual perspective on a task or product.


  • One-on-one interview format allows us to directly address your users’ concerns
  • In-depth understanding of your users – we can probe your users’, attitudes, beliefs, desires, and experiences in great detail

Contextual Inquiry

Observing users in their natural habitat.

A contextual inquiry involves interviewing users in their workplace, as they complete their own tasks with little interruption from the interviewer. This valuable technique offers important insights into your user’s needs.

The Interpix Approach

1. Select: Working with you, we set the focus of the inquiry and select users with profiles according to your specification.
2. Interview: As your user works with the system we ask questions to better understand their process. There is no finite list of questions, rather, questions arise during the interview based on responses to previous questions
3. Wrap-up: We interpret the information obtained through the inquiry, according to the initial focus we have set for you. The organized information is then shared with you and directs future usability testing.


  • Most natural and realistic form of usability test – we can get an idea of how a user uses your system their way
  • Produces highly reliable relevant information
  • Fast and efficient way to get detailed and relevant user information

Task Flows and Analysis

What do users want to do with your site?

When designing any product, it is essential to understand your users' goals and what actions do they take to achieve them. A user’s goals can be influenced by a number of different factors: from the physical work environment to social and cultural characteristics. The aim of task analysis is to gain insight on how a task is performed in a real-life environment; it is not intended to uncover the optimal way to perform a particular task.

The Interpix Approach

We are interested in answering two important questions:
1. What tasks are your users trying to accomplish on your site?
2. How do your users go about accomplishing these tasks?
3. There are a number of ways to define a task. Whether we define the task via Stakeholder Interviews, User Interviews or Contextual Inquiry, we always use a high-level decomposition approach.


  • A fast and easy way to determine the tasks that your website should support and to uncover tasks that your website currently doesn’t support very well.
  • Provides an opportunity to test the efficiency of different approaches to performing the same task
  • A structured a straightforward technique that can substantially increase user satisfaction