Create products that exceed user expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Whether it is updating your current system, or a complete overhaul, there is always an opportunity to improve user interface design.

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Expert reviews

Maximize the ROI of your UI

We conduct an assessment of your application or website using a set of established guidelines or principles (heuristics) and our experience. This is an excellent way to identify possible usability issues with your application or site. Many of the issues found can often be quickly corrected.

The Interpix Approach
  • Our expert review is tailored to your needs
  • Visual screen captures convey the concepts clearly
  • Illustrations of unnecessary complexity in task flows
  • Outline of next steps to improve and refine the user experience with end-user data gathering and evaluation
  • Reviews may also provide tactical recommendations
Customer benefits
  • An improved user experience
  • Higher levels of satisfaction
  • Reduced frustration
  • Greater appeal and effectiveness of your product
Company benefits
  • A professional and fresh perspective on the user experience and task flow design presented as a prioritized list of “quick wins” identifying possible usability issues with your application or site
  • Reduced dependency on support and training for correctable user interface design flaws
  • Fewer customer support calls

Usability Testing

A reality check of how your product is performing

We thoroughly test your product to provide you with a clear picture of your users’ experience. Usability Testing can tell you everything your users find right - and wrong - with your website or application. Through analyzing how your users interact with your product we ensure that it has maximum impact and you can be certain that you are serving your users’ needs.

Think your product is great?
  • Usability testing is the only sure-fire process to confirm this
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Focus valuable resources and dollars on features that users will use
  • Ensure maximum conversion and return visitors
  • Creates empirical data from actual users to help you improve the usability of your website or application
  • Points your team to changes that have the greatest impact on usability
  • Knowledge transfer of human factors and usability techniques to your development and design teams
  • Improved user experience and levels of satisfaction; reduce user frustration
  • Greater appeal and effectiveness of your product
  • Fewer customer support calls

Eye Tracking

Get the inside track on what your customers are really paying attention to

Interested in learning which aspects of your product are more likely to be looked at, or capture your users’ eye? Then eye tracking is for you.

Think your product is great?
  • Full lab session with recording equipment at a hosted research facility
  • Remote web-based testing for geographically dispersed users
  • Unique eye tracking service for rapid testing
  • Informal onsite testing for quick samples
Save revenue , start tracking now
  • See your interface through your customer’s eyes
  • Check out concepts before you commit major dollars to building them
  • Improve time to market by knowing what works before you implement
  • Work with state-of-the-art eye tracking equipment that is comprehensive, unintrusive and mobile

Competitive assessment

When done right a competitive analysis can give you an edge in the market

At Interpix, we not only tell you what your competition is doing, we provide you with ways to do it better. While a competitive analysis is not a substitute for usability testing, it is an important aspect of the evaluation process that makes subsequent steps easier and faster – competitive analysis sets you in the right direction.

The Interpix Approach
When done right, a competitive assessment can steer your development team in the right direction. We provide you with the necessary information to give you the usability to edge on your competition.

  • Increased sales
  • Develop a list of issues to be addressed if you want to compete effectively
  • Helps your team to develop strategic goal-setting and planning
  • Stay on top of trends in your industry

AODA audit and training

The deadline is approaching... will you be ready?

Interpix views accessibility as an opportunity for you, not a barrier. An accessibility audit is an evaluation of how well your product supports the needs of web users with disabilities, carried. It provides a detailed assessment of your product to identify improvements essential to achieving compliance with ADA, Section 508 standards or WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

The Interpix Approach
AODA audit and training will highlight key accessibility issues with your product or application, as well as provide solutions and reccomendations with training sessions to help you implement the changes. At Interpix we perform a manual accessibility audit, which is the only way to ensure compliance.

  • Increased number of users
  • Avoid financial and legal penalties
  • Improved user experience