Create products that exceed user expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Whether it is updating your current system or a complete overhaul, there is always an opportunity to improve user interface design.

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Interface architecture

Good design begins with a good plan.

To create a User Interface Architecture or a High-Level Architecture we synthesize your business goals and objectives, the nature of your end-users or customers, the tasks that need to be completed and the platform or technology you will be using to create a design. Based on this synthesis we create a blueprint for the overall flow of your website or application.

The Interpix Approach
We use a staged approach to create, visualize and test the user experience:
1. User and task analysis
2. Initial briefing and planning
3. Prepare user interface concepts
4. User testing the concepts
5. Analyze results and conduct strategy session
6. Refine the user experience
7. Prepare presentation and present findings

  • Interaction is critical to defending your product in the market
  • Create an efficient, productive and quality experience for your users


Develop a usable site now; make better design decisions later.

Incorporating wireframes into usability testing is extremely important for rapidly developing a great product. Wireframes are low fidelity blueprints that help to develop a usable product before investing money in design and development.

The Interpix Approach
We use wireframes to corral design ideas into a cohesive flow of pages with a clear, well-executed focus. Our wireframes include all of the important elements of a Web page including (but not limited to) content, navigation and search functions, but they are not polished designs. This enables us to rapidly rework the design in a matter of minutes with very little expense.

  • Quick and inexpensive to tweak
  • An iterative tool that can be changed rapidly
  • Can be tested with real users – give your new site a test run before investing in costly design

Interaction Design

Good design brings people joy, bad design costs time and money.

Many products require users to interact with them, yet very few are designed with a user in mind.

The Interpix Approach
Having a beautiful design is useless if your customer cannot engage with your product in a meaningful way. Through interaction design we bring usability into the design process and in doing so help to create products that are easy, effective and enjoyable to use – specifically from the perspective of a user. We start with wireframes and present these to your users before having our creative director work on the design. Using this process enables us to achieve something that is both beautiful and functional. To achieve the perfect design we can use a variety of methods from developing personas to testing focus groups. We customize out a method to your specific needs.

  • Significant impact on the usability of your design
  • Improve your customer experience while maintaining a beautiful design
  • Reduce user frustration

Detailed design

Enhance the usability of individual screens.

We work closely with your staff on a tactical redesign to enhance and update the look and feel of your software product.

The Interpix Approach

We customize our deliverables to your needs.

  • Re-designed screens with a professional graphic presentation
  • Documentation describing each of the redesigned screens and their behavior from the user's perspective
  • Design artifacts for documentation process
  • Re-skinning the application with a new graphical look
  • A fast and easy way to update your screens and improve usability
  • Enhance and update your look and feel
  • Create a more consistent and professional looking interface
    • Transfer of screen design principles to your developers and designers
  • Parallel redesign of screens allowing developers to stay focused on their primary task of implementation
  • Interactive discussions of various design solutions
  • Flexible deliverables depending on time, budget and project constraints

Mobile UX

Users like to keep connected anywhere and at any time.

A dedicated mobile site is a must for any online business and while a mobile site is great, a mobile application is even better. We are here to help you design for your small screen audience.

The Interpix Approach
Our extensive mobile consulting experience and research toolkit can help you deal with the physical constraints imposed by mobile devices. In designing a mobile application we know that it is imperative to understand the new set of usability constraints unique to the mobile domain. In particular, it is important to be familiar with the device that you’re designing for and to choose a limited number of features that matter most to your users. Our mobile consulting can help you through the process from start to finish.

  • Help your customers access your services while on the go
  • Applications are much faster and more efficient than using a web browser while on the go
  • Increase your brand recognition across different mobile devices

User interface design

We provide you with user-centered design guidelines for creating a high impact interface for your organization.

A User Interface (UI) Standard is not just a document, it’s a customized process that incorporates your needs and goals into the process and allows you to adapt and extend your UI guidelines and standards over time.

The Interpix Approach

Collaborate with key members of the project team to define the goals and scope of the user interface standards

  • Review your major business applications and extract examples into a draft, which is used as a discussion point with your team
  • Use an iterative process that takes feedback from as wide an audience as is appropriate
  • Review and refine the standard with your team and stakeholders in a consensus building process
  • Less time spent evaluating design alternatives
  • More time for value-added function-specific design work effectively
  • Share system modules more easily and effectively
  • Reduced costs and effort for system maintenance, support, user training packages and job aids
  • Provide customers with a consistent UI within and between applications to reduce time per transaction, errors, training requirements, frustration


“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas” – Linus Pauling

Prototype development is a tremendously valuable strategy for effective design. While it might appear to be low-tech, it allows many ideas and strategies to be rapidly tested and analyzed. Trying things out and learning from exploration can tremendously improve the design and uncover unanticipated insights.

The Interpix Approach

We use prototype development as a strategy for dealing with things that are difficult to predict – the unknowns. We start by using paper prototypes to get a rapid approximation of the usability of a design. Starting with paper can help uncover a number of usability issues without investing too much time, and importantly money.

Through asking lots of questions and learning from exploration we can rapidly gain important usability insights early on in the design process.

During prototype development we address the following questions:
  • Are the terms used intuitively? Do they take users to places where they expect to go?
  • Does the process or sequence of steps match the user's workflow?
  • Does the product contain the correct content – can the users find all of the information that they’re looking for?
  • Can users find the information they need? Does the layout match their expectations?
  • Have we included all of the functions that the users require, have we included functions that the users don’t need?
  • The benefits from early prototyping are immense you’ll be surprised by the insights that can be gained from using such a “primitive” method
  • Enhance and update your look and feel
  • Maximum feedback with minimum effort
  • Changes to the design can be implemented rapidly with very little cost
  • Rapidly improve the quality of your current design